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Stump Cutter Retipping

Stump Cutting Supplies in Jacksonville, FL

New RAYCO Super Tooth cutters
New RAYCO Super Tooth Cutters
ONLY - $13.49 Each
Reconditioned RAYCO Super Tooth Cutters
ONLY - $8.99 Each

Box of 100 Carbides Box of 100 Carbides
These Carbides Are Used on Rayco, Vermeer Pro-Tooth, SDM, & CEI Stump Cutters
Only $189.00

Silver Solder
Cadmium Free 50% Silver Solder
This Is the Pro's Choice for Carbide Soldering
1/16" Dia. 5-Ounce Coil. Call for Price

Stump Cutting Supplies, Jacksonville, FL
Black Silver Solder Flux for Carbide Soldering 1-Pound Jar

Satisfaction Guaranteed

These stump cutter tips are the same tough, long-lasting carbide tips we have been using with great success for the last ten years. Let us know if you have any questions about the stump cutting supplies.